Dermatologists in hyderabad
dermatologists in hyderabad

Hair Transplantation @ Cure

What is Hair Transplantation?

Cure poly clinic in Hyderabad provides a long lasting treatment to hair thinning utilizing the most recent technologies in Hair transplantation - FUT and FUE. Ever since its origin, Hair transplantation is chosen as a long term and risk-free solution for male pattern baldness or alopecia. Hair transplant procedure, practically saying, includes uprooting the grafts of hair follicles, which endured baldness, and implanting those hair follicles on the baldheaded area. Transplanted hair roots should be bald resistant which are present at the back or sides of the scalp. After the grafts of hair are transplanted on to the bald area, they grow similar to natural hair. It yields natural results with zero pain or visible scars. The technique of hair transplantation is carried out in sessions if the area to be covered is more. Accordingly, Hair transplant can be deemed as a visual miracle that offers long lasting solution for baldness, which, once believed as a complication with no treatment.

The Cure Poly Clinic advantage

We at Cure, recognize the significance of perfect hair transplantation. Each baldness problem is medicated distinctly, as baldness patterns are not the similar for any two individuals. Our professional Hair transplant surgeons will examine the area of baldness, the density of hair in the areas unaffected by baldness and a variety of other elements at the initial consultation. Every Hair transplant claim will be treated with greatest care, because Hair transplant is not an additional surgical treatment but demands major improvements to one's personality and appearance. Cure Poly Clinic in Hyderabad have an modern and well equipped hospital run by an expert team of professional Hair transplant doctors, offering most advanced services. Cure Poly Clinic maintains hygiene and safety to the best of medical care & supervision and also holds the promise of high standards of quality.

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