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Non-surgical Liposuction in Hyderabad

Cure Polyclinic provides Ultrasound assisted non invasive liposuction services in Hyderabad.Cure polyclinic is the only clinic in Hyderabad to perform the procedure under the supervision of experienced doctors. For more information on "Laser liposuction", which is another non surgical liposuction procedure, click here.

For comprehensive information on treating obesity/ weight loss, Please visit Cure Poly clinic's Obesity site. If you prefer getting personalized help from our slimming specialist, call us at the above numbers or email your query from our Contact page.

UltraSound Non-surgical Liposuction in Hyderabad

Ultrasound is high frequency sound, which is not audible to humans. The special characteristic of ultrasound is that it disrupts the fat cells without damaging the skin or other tissues. The ultra sound waves when directed on the

areas of excessive fat, breaks the fat cell membrane causing a process called lipolysis. The fat cells which are destructed are eliminated out of the body naturally thereby resulting in a slimmer body shape and reduced weight.

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Why Ultrasound non-surgical liposuction?

Conventional liposuction involves an incision in the body to remove localized excessive fat. Hence, other liposuction procedures are to be considered as surgeries and involves all the risks associated with surgery. The recovery time, post-surgical medication also add to the difficulties involved.

Non-invasive liposuction is performed without any incision/cut on the body and completely safe and free from post-surgery complexities. In non-invasive liposuction the fat is targeted and broken down to its components. The fat that is disrupted is then eliminated by the body by biological processes.

Slimming of individual body parts using Ultrasound non-surgical liposuction

Non-surgical liposuction can be used to treat almost all areas treated by surgical liposuction.

Excessive fat can be removed from areas like:

1. tummy
2. hips
3. abdomen
4. chin
5. arms e.t.c.

Recovery after Ultrasound Liposuction

Since, there is no incision made in the treatment, the post treatment recovery is instant. One can get back to his/her daily activity the next day. The weight loss and body reshaping is noticed instantly and complete results are seen over time. Since there is no bleeding involved like normal surgical liposuction, the patient feels no difference in his energy levels after the procedure.

Weight maintenance after Liposuction

The fat that is eliminated from the body will not return. However, bad food habbits, lack of physical exercise can result in accumulation of fat deposits in the body again. So, a proper diet with less fat is stronmgly recommended after the procudure. Regular physical exercise helps burn the extra fat intake and keeps the body in shape.Get a consultation with us to take the treatment.

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