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Unwanted hair is unsightly. When there are elevated levels of male hormones, unwanted hair occurs. Excess hair on face is very embarassing for women. Abnormal hair growth also occurs elsewhere on the body. Torso, back, and around the nipple are some examples. An effective way of eliminating unwanted hair is using Laser. Hair removal using laser is precise. Latest technological innovations available at our clinic yield permanent reduction of hair whether on face or anywhere on body.

How Laser hair removal works?  
A light of specific wavelenght and specific pulse duration is targeted on the germ cell above the hair follicle. This has an optimal effect in destroying the targeted tissue and minimal effect on the surrounding tissue. Please note that hair must be present in the follicle in order the laser to work.

How many treatment sessions are required?  
Generally the range is from 3 to 9 sessions. This is because hairs should have enough pigment to be destroyed. Enough pigment is present only in hairs that are in the growing phase (anagen cycle). Not much pigment is available with hairs in resting phase (telogen cycle). Therefore, only anagen hairs, which roughly constitue 35%, can be effectively removed during the process. Hence more sessions.Some will need occasional touch-up treatments, in addition to the general sessions.

Is laser hair removal safe?  
Yes, as the process is approved by FDA, you can presume safety. Mild discomfort may occur during the procedure in the form of warm sensation. This is very easily tolerable. Cold air is used to neutralize this discomfort. Some redness and slight swelling are expected immediately after the treatment. You see them vanish after a couple of hours.

What areas can be treated?  
Virtually all areas can be treated. Face, underarm, torso, back, upper, lower and full body are some examples.

Can all skin types be treated?
Grey hair can not be treated. White hairs and light hairs are difficult to remove. Only modest results are expected with these kinds of hair. All tones other than these can be effectively treated.

Other important notes
We can not guarantee 100% hair removal. Much is dependent on the type of hair being treated. Occasional maintenance sessions are required for long-term hair reduction. After appropriate treatment and enough number of treatment sessions, our clinical experience suggests that some 50 to 90% of the treated hair does not grow back.
Please ensure that the clinic you are visiting is equipped with class 4 medical device. Many entry level devices do more harm than good.
Ensure that hair is present in the shaft while taking the session. This causes effective hair removal.
Sun avoidance yields quicker results.

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