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Hair is critical for appearance. Millions of people are dissatisfied with their appearances in this context. Especially so, in countries like ours where hair on head is viewed as a symbol of youth, vitality and virility. Introduction of stem cell treatment finally brought halt to this centuries-old trauma. This innovation is cost effective as well.

What is a stem cell?  
A cell that has the ability to replicate itself as well as has ability to form other cells of the body is called a stem cell. Two major classifications are there. Embryonic stem cell, which has ability to form any cell of the body, and adult stem cell, which has ability to form only a limited range of cells of the body.
A simple explanation of a stem cell is this.
Stem cell is like a blank cell. It can eventually become any cell you want.For example, if a stem cell is put next to muscle tissue, it will eventually become muscle tissue. For our purpose, it is enough to know that when a stem cell is introduced in to scalp, it becomes a follicle just like any other surrounding hair follicle.

How are stem cells applied?  
A derma roller consisting of micro-needles is used in placing stem cells in the pores which are present under the scalp.

Is the procedure painful?  
While some pain do accompany the procedure, it is quite tolerable. In cases of people who are more sensitive to pain, a topical anesthetic balm is applied to the scalp making the procedure totally pain-free.

What types of hair loss are treated using stem cells?  
Nearly all types of hair loss are eligible for stem cell treatment. Since the stem cells placed in the pores beneath your scalp re-activates the existing hair follicles and some stem cells themselves forming hair follicles, results are obtained with stem cell treatment. Wonderful results can be expected with people in early to mild stages of hair loss. The treatment not only reverses the hair loss but also prevents the future loss. For the people who have completely lost the hair to the extent that there are no hair follicles, the result may be weaker.

How long is the procedure?  
The procedure is generally finished in 45 minutes. If the patchy area is more, the procedure needs some 15 to 20 minutes more.

Is there any scarring from the treatment?  
No. There is no long term scarring. Since the procedure uses the micro-needles, short term scabbing is present when the penetrated pores heal. This is a temporary phenomenon and should vanish in a few days.

How many treatment sessions are needed to see the results?  
8 to 12 treatment sessions spaced across the same number of weeks are generally suggested. Sessions may vary depending on the severity of the condition. On an average you should be seeing the new hair growing after 3 to 4 weeks.You should generally observe more hair per follicle, darker, thicker and fast growing hair.As you would predict new hair growing, an added benefit of stem cell treatment is that the hair loss is substantially decreased not only on the treated area but also on the entire scalp.

Is the treatment safe?  
It is completely safe and natural. While you are with us, you can be assured that you are treated with utmost care and your safety is our priority.

Is there anything else I should know?  
Yes. Unlike many organizations, we have a strict policy of not putting any pressure on those visiting for a consultation. A diagnosis is first done by a dedicated specialist and a suitable treatment package is offered according to the need. All relevant material is then made available to you to evaluate and to take a decision for yourself.We do not demand large upfront fees from you as we have flexible payment plans. You can pay in installments at no extra charge. This way, you are not tied down to any future charges. This is because we are confident that you will be so happy with results and service that you will want to continue.

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