Cure poly clinic hyderabad
Cure poly clinic hyderabad

Pregnancy Spa - Pamper yourself!

Pregnancy is the most crucial stage of a woman's life. In order to assist pregnant women with experiencing this stage conveniently, Cure Poly Clinic provides advanced Lamaze Classes, pre-natal massages, post natal care as well as infant massages in our own in-house Pregnancy spa under the able support of specialists. At CURE, pregnancy solutions are executed by experts proficient of the requirements of pregnant women and are educated in the various pressure points as well as inclinations of the pregnant body.

CURE medi Spa offers Body Treatments, Massages, created to promote health and wellbeing for mother and child. Prenatal massage provides the mother-to-be a well-deserved breather from maternal pain. Not just does it greatly enhance blood circulation as well as breathing functions, yet it decreases discomfort as well as promotes relaxation, Personalized Facials, Microdermabrasion, Peels, Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures, Photo Facials, as well as Laser device Spider Vein Extraction.

Pregnancy massages

Taking massage treatment throughout pregnancy stage is an excellent way to take care of your own body as well as the newborns. Apart from routine physical exercise and really good nutrition, massages in the course of pregnancy assists the woman to remain healthy, minimize tension, relieve from muscular discomforts as well as back aches generally linked to pregnancy. Pregnancy massages are remarkably common in North America and Europe and gradually acquiring popularity in Indian metors.

There are many advantages of massages in the course of pregnancy

  1. Massages greatly improve blood flow and for this reason aid in enhanced circulation of oxygen to the women as well as the infant.
  2. Massages minimize stress as well as depression generally experienced in the course of pregnancy and rises relaxation levels.
  3. Prepares the woman for the labor and giving birth
  4. Relieves pregnant woman of all the pregnancy inconviniences


Massages offered

Swedish massage Swedish massage has been utilized conventionally to improve the blood flow and ans as a result enhanced oxygen supply. Swedish massage is additionally known to produce hazardous toxins from the muscles. Swedish massage rinses out the body of chemicals such as uric acid.

Deep tissue massage Deep muscle massage is a frequently used to soothe individuals of muscular pains. Deep muscle massage operates wonders for pregnant women to relieve from muscle as well as back and neck discomforts. It additionally assists to restore as well as relax muscular joints.

Fragrance massage Fragrance treatment is the old scientific discipline of recovery as well as vitalizing by the utilization of plants as well as their components. The roots, barks, flowers, fruits, seeds as well as nuts play a vital component in this massage.In the word aromatherapy the word scent which implies aroma as well as therapy which represents recovering and total relaxation as well as well being.

Foot reflexology In Foot reflexology massage, a reflex activity in various component of the body is activated by administering slight pressure to numerous regions of the foot. Foot reflexology is entirely different from other massages as the massage makes use of fingers as well as tiny wooden stick with typical oils as well as cream.


Lamaze classes

The target of Lamaze is to enhance a mother's self-confidence in her capacity to give birth; classes aid them recognize the best ways to manage with discomfort in ways that help both in labor as well as promote convenience, featuring concentrated breathing, movement as well as massage.

Contemporary Lamaze classes convey pregnant mothers a lot of ways to deal with the labor procedure to diminish the discomfort connected with childvbirth, as well as to promote ordinary birth and the first minutes after birth. Methods consist of enabling labor to start by itself, movement as well as positions, massage, aromatherapy, hot as well as cool packs, informed consent as well as informed rejection, breathing methods, using a "birth ball" (yoga stretches or physical exercise ball), continuous pushing, upright postures for labor as well as birth, breastfeeding procedures, as well as maintaining mother as well as infant associated together after childbirth.

Infant Massage

“Touch is your foremost media of communicating with your infant. You talk to your baby using. For a new-born, understanding follows feeling"

The advantages of infant massage have been very benefecial in the present societies and easily study the methods to assist babies to take advantage of the miracle of touch. Infant massage should be practiced to completely cherish the comveniences for parent and child.

The advantages of Infant Massage are numerous, right here are merely some:

It is enjoyable as well as fulfilling for both child as well as parent
Aids both kid as well as parent to relax
Encourages child to rest deeper as well as much longer
Enhances colic as well as irregular bowel movements and calms cranky babies
Increases a child's Serotonin levels which is recognized to minimize the hazards of SIDS
Develops up a close, enjoying communication as well as connection with your baby
Offers option for fathers to spend good time with their babies

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